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Note to fans

Beautiful people,

I would like to extend a big, big, heartfelt thank you to everyone who came to my album launch at the Sound Lounge. It was a magical night for me. I really felt the love and the whole night surpassed my vision in every way for what the ideal launch would be. Knowing so many people had come and feeling all the wonderful support and enjoyment, as the show progressed I really felt I could open out and fly.

It was incredible fun going with the feeling, throwing away my script, playing the songs and telling stories about the people who were part of the journey. The fact that so many of those people were there made it incredibly special for me and I was proud to tell the stories. I really felt everyone was there with me and really enjoying it - my beautiful band, friends and family, collaborators and everyone.

I couldn't believe it when I poked my head around the curtain before the show and saw tables jostling full of expectant faces; and then the fact that everything was running smoothly and I could just relax. I was actually given a proper dressing room and got to put my makeup on at one of those dressing tables with light globes around the mirror!

Everyone seemed to have such a good time and that is extremely gratifying for me. To see people's faces lit up afterwards when I came off the stage; I felt so happy. And all the lovely demands in signing CDs! Everyone was delightful and I felt like a star. 

Many people made a lot of effort to be there, coming from Canberra, Newcastle and Bungendore, arranging babysitters or rearranging shifts at work. Thank you so much for giving the energy to be there. Thank you also to people who organised group outings and brought along friends! 

I feel both proud and humbled that the show was fully sold out.

I would also like to thank everyone who sent such thoughtful well wishes in the lead up and after. A wave of messages started around two in the afternoon and were a lovely hint of the abundant recognition which was to come. 

A couple of days afterwards I was told that my Aunt thought it was quite unbecoming of me to announce I was going to go and get drunk after the show... what else can a girl do after all that excitement? I did go to the Lansdowne and then on to the Townie in Newtown where much adventuring was had. It was a bit rock 'n' roll...drinking delicious Little Creatures until well after sun up and a spontaneous trip to the beach for breakfast before finally succumbing to sleep in the afternoon.

I'm proud to say I then spent the next two days basking in the afterglow doing many splendid and favourite things. 

...So what's next?

Videos & photos from the launch

I'm extremely happy to say that the launch was fully recorded in sound and vision! 

I'll be uploading videos and photos to the site over the next couple of weeks. This is a whole new exciting development! I'll also be uploading the sound recording of a radio interview/guest programming spot I did a few weeks ago which a couple of people have asked for.

The album

Those wanting a copy of the album can order it online at Birdland Records or CD Baby. Sydneysiders can also drop into the Birdland Records shop in the city.

You can also listen to all of the tracks on the album on myspace

If you've already got a copy (thank you!), would you like to share your thoughts? Write a review on the CD Baby website. Writing a review will help me sell copies to people around the world - so far people have bought my music from the US, Japan, Australia and Denmark!

Where to from here?

Many people have asked me where I'm headed from here. I have some promotion to do for the album and I'm also getting started right away on writing music for my second album. I started writing music last year and was surprised to find how exceptionally peaceful and happy it made me feel. There's a whole new exciting journey ahead for me on that note. One with a lot of wonderful knowledge behind me too this time.

It's looking like I'll be persuaded to do some more shows as well.

I'll be posting updates on the site so make sure to have a look!

Best and fondest regards,



Debut Album 'Dirt Drenched Soul' Out Now!

Olivia Pipitone’s debut album, Dirt Drenched Soul, will be launched at the Sound Lounge in the Seymour Centre, Chippendale, on Thursday 18 February 2010.

The album was recorded live in analogue with a hand picked band of Sydney’s leading jazz and blues musicians who are guitarist Aaron Flower (National Jazz Award Winner 2007), pianist/organist Jerry Craib, bassist James Haselwood and drummer Cameron Reid.

It features a gutsy selection of tunes spanning jazz, blues, soul and even country, from the rare soul of A Love That Never Grows Cold to much-loved jazz standard St Louis Blues.

Olivia harnesses the songs for her own needs. With her big, heart-soaked voice and the palpable personality and commitment of her band, the result is an album of pure soul music and a powerful expression of strength, sass, passion and lyrical tenderness.

“Olivia sings with a rare authenticity,” said Steve Hunter.

At the launch, Olivia will sing tracks from her album including:

  • A Love That Never Grows Cold – Jimmy & Louise Tig
  • Buck – Nina Simone
  • I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know – Donny Hathaway        
  • St. Louis Blues – Ella Fitzgerald
  • Drown In My Own Tears – Ray Charles        
  • Simple Twist Of Fate – Bob Dylan
  • Six Days On The Road – Taj Mahal

Performing on the night will be Aaron Flower – guitar, Sam Boyd – keys, Tim Curnick – bass and Cameron Reid – drums.

Tickets for the launch are on sale now. Visit or phone the box office on 9351 7940.

Dirt Drenched Soul is out now at Birdland Records and will be available on iTunes and at CDBaby from March 2010.

Media Contact: Michelle Wood 0466 655 115